Every mothers’ dream is to see her children grow to be successful, cheerful, happy, and always exciting. It gives a sense of joy and gladness to us as mothers when we see them growing at every stage of development of their lives.
As a mom, it is my desire to be in health so as to witness every one of my children’s milestone and development stages in life.
Every morning, after I discovered I was overweight and tending towards obesity, I could literally see this dream fading away if I continued in the path I was on at the time.
I knew that being overweight and tending towards obesity has a lot that comes with it, which are not beneficial to health, High Blood Sugar, Hypertension, etc.
I also knew that research had it that an obese child has a 50% chance of having at least one parent is obese. Parental weight is a determinant of obesity in children and adolescents.
It is an established link between a parent’s Body Mass Index and the weight of a child at birth. Your child has a higher risk of becoming obese if you or your significant other is obese.
And most obese children grow up into becoming an obese adult. Even after they are not directly under our care anymore.
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