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have a better expression of yourself and understand all you are capable of while getting into a healthy body and keeping it on for life



How long have you been dreaming about having the body perfect and fabulous for you as a mother?


The annoying thing about this dream is that it feels like the day will never come.

That postpartum belly that never seems to go away

You are not able to be naked before your spouse and feel unashamed.

You know you can achieve that bigger picture of the desired future of being there for long and stronger as the mother of your children.

You are not showing up to your fullest potential because you have been playing small, feeling guilty eating food, not having enough sleep and energy to be a better, younger and stronger version of yourself and this is holding you back.

Many times you wonder on your own if you are the only one struggling, because you clearly see other moms living out their healthy life, fabulous body dream as they look 10 years younger, feel comfortable in their own skin as they grow up and not grow old even as moms, and you wonder why that can’t also be you?

You have the best intention of living past chronic fatigue, diseases and pain that comes with being overweight and obese.

As wonderful as your loved ones are, they see your weight loss struggles as almost a hobby as it has become a part of them that you always talk about it, yet all you need is support , guidance, and accountability to get you to achieving your body goal.


Really! So why does this have to be a struggle?

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8 Weeks Program

This program affords you the opportunity to bid “farewell” to:

  • Having feelings of shame and depression after binging
  • Eating until you feel too full and can't stand up?
  • Inability to eat in public or with others for lack of trust of what can happen with food
  • Situations such as : eating while you are not hungry?
  • Eating huge bowls of food in secret for fear of what people will say?
  • Working on your desk yet getting up to go to the fridge to get some food?
  • Eating quicker and faster than what is normal?
  • Testing on many diets only to fall off again and return to binging?

Do you desire to have a positive relationship with food?

The good news is that:

You are not alone at all and none of the listed above is any fault of yours, regardless of what you have gone through or still going through, you deserve a healthy lifestyle.

  • You can overcome binge eating
  • You deserve to live to fulfil your many years in health
  • You deserve a body and weight healthy for you

You deserve to be in health and break free from the long term health effects of binge eating , such as high cholesterol, some forms of cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, gallbladder diseases amongst many.

Now is the time to break free and get back self confidence and self esteem , have focus , full concentration and balance of mind, body,soul while attaining a flat stomach without having to diet.

Our aim is to personally take you by hand and guide you, knowing that over the time change to a healthy behaviour is not a one time event, and that success awaits you overtime as long as you are ready to show up to success.

Get your pack now, and get ready to have a life of all round balance. I care about your healthy lifestyle Journey.

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8- Weeks Program

We all encounter so many of life's events and this can leave us with different outcomes and for some it leads to making some unhealthy choices that leads to weight gain.

Ask any woman and you will be amazed at many different stories around what led to her weight gain and how this makes her feel, knowing the physical and psychological consequences that abound with being overweight, no woman want to associate with the risk for many serious diseases and health conditions that comes with being overweight or obese.

It usually seems to have happened so quickly that many woke up to get dressed and got to the closet and no clothes fit again.

This is no time to get all bad on yourself at all, you are not alone and this is part of you being human just as anyone.

The good news is you can start you journey to a healthy weight and maintain the weight that is healthy with our program “ weight Loss Jump Start”

This program is for you if:

  • You are willing and ready to be coached, ready to be accountable
  • You are willing to receive support
  • You are ready to drop the diet mentality
  • You are ready to stay committed and have time and patience to create a lifetime of health and healthy weight management
  • You are willing to start a new relationship entirely with yourself , others and food.

Are you ready now?

A healthy body is borne out of a mind that stood its ground...


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