Looking to constantly changing your habits to a permanent and healthy lifestyle?


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Hi there Amazing Moms,

My name is Victoria, I am a healthy lifestyle coach.

I help moms and intending moms lose weight, overcome the pain, shame, and struggle that comes with weight loss, so they can thrive in their body, have energy and vitality.

After having two babies in quick succession, I needed to shed the accumulated weight but struggled a lot to achieve that. After trying several diet plans without achieving any success, I decided to reach out to Victoria of @ooyiawellbeing. I didn't think this plan was for me but after my first session with her, I realized that weight management was much more than just food; it was psychological as well.

We went through my reasons for wanting to shed weight and when I saw the tools, materials, meal plan tailored for me I knew immediately I had reached my final destination. Lol. I wasn't going to starve, there were all classes of food three times a day plus snacks and supplements.

I have dropped 2 dress sizes and my current clothes are loose on me at the moment. Thanks to @ooyiawellbeing , I now fit into my old dresses and re-adopted the healthy eating lifestyle. Making it a lifestyle.

- Chika



Are you an amazing mum?

Do you want to have a healthy body, feel good, sassy and sexy in your body?

Do you want to look in the mirror and love what you see?

Come along on a 5-Day Body Renewal Journey.

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With so many diets out there, weight loss can be a rather complicated issue that can make your head spin.


At Ooyia Lifestyle & Wellbeing,

we make this journey easy and simple for you.


That's why our 14 Days "WEIGHT LOSS JUMP START" Program is set to equip you with simple habits that allow you lose weight, burn fat in an easy way that makes healthy living a sustainable and lasting one.


Attaining a healthy weight is a mind game.....

Change your mind, change your life

Are you ready?


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