We live our lives making choices. We make choices every day, and at every time from seemingly little, mundane to huge matters such as getting off the bed, what to eat, what to wear, where to go, who to date, whom to marry, where to work, Service to God, service to humanity, whom to vote for, and the list goes on.
Life is a matter of ‘yes or no, sometimes we say Yes, sometimes we say No. your choices at every given time leaves you in guilt and regret.
Our food choices serve our body the knowledge and materials your body needs in order to effectively function for health and balance. The lack of this knowledge from choices of food that don’t serve, causes the body’s metabolism to suffer and cause a break in health. As the nutrients in the food are the reason why the cells in the body are allowed to function effectively.
The metabolic process is affected by slowing down or even stop working when the food we consume does not serve the nutrient needed by the body cell activity.
The choices of the wrong relationship with food cause the body to become larger than required which leads to obesity, overweight and this brings suffering and pain from a chronic illness which in the end lead to heart diseases, arthritis high blood pressure, diabetes, and more.
You make a lifestyle choice when you consciously sign up or decide to perform a behaviour that may increase or decrease the risks and chances of injury.
You make lifestyle choices every day, sometimes it is positive or negative. Some lifestyle choices are destructive while some are healthy. It could be in our relationships with ourselves, others, health, school, career, food, and other habits of choice which can either increase your lifespan or decrease it.
It is important to take care of our body and mind in order to create a healthy lifestyle. You will know if you are on the track of a healthy lifestyle when you answer the following questions:
Do you smoke?
Are you in a healthy relationship?
Do you get to sleep well?
Do you allow yourself to laugh out loud as many times in a day?
Do you pray, meditate and find a way to connect to your soul at least 10mins a day?
Do put in place some measures of physical activities a day
How positive to live are you?
Do I drink more water?
The list goes on and on and differs from one person to another, but whatever your behaviour is, you are encouraged to take charge of your health and be intentional and mindful of your overall health.
Making the right decision requires that you know your Source, be in tune with your super \higher power (they that know their God shall be strong and shall do exploits), Know Yourself, Know your values, believe your spirit, (Gut, Instinct), Know your Emotions- what you are feeling affects your thinking and motivation. (Be still and know ….) Let go of the past, look ahead, think about possible obstacles in your life and possible solutions, take a 10 minutes’ walk and more….
If you do not like to take responsibility for the choices made, and the reality of the consequences of such decisions, then it is time to check what the choices you make are in the first place.
Our choices have influence whether we attract or experience vitality as you grow or you develop a life-threatening illness that shortens lifespan. Our choices have super consequences and the reasons for your current status in life is as a result of your past or current choices, as it is impossible to escape the effect of whatever your choices are, good or bad.